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Meet the Band Members

Bud Turner
Vocals & Keys


  Bud began his musical career at the age of 15, when he was a back-up singer for a band playing in the local taverns. He soon picked up his first instrument, the bass guitar, and he hasn't stopped mastering his skills since. Now able to play bass, drums, guitar and keyboards, he stands out as the lead vocalist and the keyboard player for The Turner Brothers Band. His musical influences go back to his childhood when he remembers his parents playing record's from their collection of 1950's albums. He always loved music, tuning his own radio to the music of the 60's and 70's as he was growing up, and was inspired by all types of music, liking whatever felt right. He makes his living with his creative skills as well with graphic arts, visual arts, woodcarving, sign design & production, woodworking and custom carpentry, and has a great appreciation for traditional Native American Arts, including carved boxes, masks and totem poles. A new hobby he is learning is the art of tattooing. He always has to be doing something that expresses his creativity, which his love of music also lets him do. He has been happily married for 19 years and is the father of two children.

Jeremiah Turner
Lead Guitar & Vocals


  Jeremiah picked up his first guitar at the age of 9 and has mastered the instrument in a perfect rock and roll way. At 13, he joined his first adult band, playing with his brother-in-law. He is versatile with his music styles, playing both classic rock & roll and metal music. His influences are Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne, Stevie Ray Vaugn & Steve Via. Jeremiah is married and is the father of 2 kids, and spends his free time being a family man and weight lifting.

Josh Turner
Drums & Backup Vocals


  With Josh being the youngest of all of the Turner boys, it was inevitable that he would pick up an instrument and start playing it, but he was also the first to start in singing on a song that was being played. His talents as a drummer developed right along with the development of his other musical talents including singing and playing acoustic guitar and a little bit of bass. With his natural abilities on drums, he was the only choice for the band when it was created. Some of his influences include Rush, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bob Marley. He is a cabinet maker for a cabinet company in Sequim and is happily married and a father to three great kids.

Eric Turner
Bass & Vocals


    Eric has been playing music since he was 15 years old, starting out on the drums and playing with a few different bands, including a country band. He picked up the bass at 24 and has been a bass man since. His musical influences include ZZ Top, Steve Miller, AC/DC, and Bad Company. When he's not rocking with the band he is a chef and spends his free time playing basketball and tennis.

Craig Werts
Rhythm Guitar & Vocals


    When Craig was only 6 he began taking his first music lessons, playing the piano, and joined the school band in the 5th grade. Through his own curiosity of electronics and sound, he taught himself how to mix music and build his own sound pedals and effects pedals. His musical influences come from every genre of music, but the Beach Boys were a big inspiration when he was a young kid. When he was 15 he played rhythm guitar in a metal band with Jeremiah and has been a bass player with other bands. He joined The Turner Brothers Band as the sound man, but he was too talented to let get away, so the rest of the guys, who grew up with Craig, pulled him in on rhythm guitar. He is an electronics tech for a yacht company in Port Townsend and in his spare time he enjoys tinkering and playing with gizmos, and is the proud father of a beautiful little girl.

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